ADA members organisations.

  1. Network of African Women with Disabilities (NAWWD)
  2. African Network of Youth with Disabilities (ANYD)
  3. African Union of the Deaf (AUD)
  4. Down Syndrome African Network (DSAN)
  5. African Union of the Blind (AFUB)
  6. Pan African Alliance for People with Albinism (PAAPA)
  7. Inclusion Africa (IA)
  8. The Pan African Network of People with Psychosocial
    Disabilities (PANPPD)
  9. Pan African Federation of the Disabled (PAFOD)
  10. African Federation of the Deaf Blind (AFDB)
  11. The International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE) Africa Region’s
    (IBE-A)’s and Edycs Mauritius
  12. African Organisation of People of Leprosy (AOPL)
  13. Association of Short Stature Persons or Association Des
    Personnes De Petite Taille (APTT)
  14. National Federations and other Civil Society Organisations